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What is BIOS Motherboard ?

BIOS is acronym for Basic Input Output System, BIOS build from assembly languange that contain all the code for control the keyboard, display screen, serial comunication. BIOS program placed in a ROM chip.on motherboard. This is for purpose that BIOS cannot be damaged by disk failure or else. On the modern PC, BIOS placed on Flash Memory, that mean BIOS program can be updated if necessary. On PnP BIOS, BIOS can handle Plug and Play devices. These BIOS are always implemented with flash memory rather than ROM.

Here the list of BIOS vendor:

American Megatrends, Inc , a BIOS vendor to PC manufacturers and home of the AMI BIOS.

Microid Research , a BIOS vendor to PC manufacturers and home of the MR BIOS, Award, Phonenix, FirstBIOS, and others.

Phoenix Technologies, Ltd. , BIOS vendor to PC manufacturers.

Award BIOS, Award BIOS Software became part of Phoenix Technologies in September 1998 and the web sites have been joined to reflect the expanded range of product offerings and technology solutions.

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